What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?
Episode No.: 98
Airdate: 13.10.2008
Season: Season 5
Previous Episode: The Battle of Bikini Bottom
Next Episode: The Two Faces of Squidward

"What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" is an episode from Season 5.





Uuusb with bump on head

SpongeBob SquarePants / CheeseHead BrownPants

Tired of being a nuisance to everybody, SpongeBob packs up his things and runs away. But on his trip, he literally trips and hits his head so many times, that he loses his memory. (Actually, his stuff lands on him, losing his memory). Back in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob's friends discover that SpongeBob has left, so Mr. Krabs hires Squidward to look for him for a jeweled egg for Squidward's collection. SpongeBob, meanwhile, wanders into New Kelp City, deciding that his name is CheeseHead BrownPants. He then decides to blow bubbles, which angers a group of gangsters called the Bubble Poppin' Boys. They chase him down the streets until SpongeBob reluctantly captures them by trapping them in a bubble. He is then pictured as a hero by the citizens of New Kelp City, who elect him mayor CheeseHead BrownPants. After Squidward, Patrick, and Sandy finally find SpongeBob in the middle of a speech, Sandy and Patrick try to convince him to come back by getting them to remember them, but he does not remember anything, and states that he is late for a meeting. He then gets into his private car, but the driver turns out to be Squidward (who is desperate to get the egg). He drives the group back to the Krusty Krab, where SpongeBob refuses to be fry cook. Squidward then trips with his new egg, which lands on SpongeBob's head, causing him to remember everything very clear. As seen on TV, with Perch Perkins as the news reporter, the citizens of New Kelp City are angry at SpongeBob for leaving them, so SpongeBob decides to remain fry cook rather than go back to being mayor. Disappointed that SpongeBob is back, Squidward puts his brain in the trash can.



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The German DVD rip

  • The German name for the episode is, "WasBob WoKopf? - SpongeBob verzweifelt gesucht", which means, "WhatBob WherePants? - SpongeBob in Search".
  • Ray Liotta guest voiced as one of the Bubble Poppin' Boys.
  • Who Bob What Pants? is based on the SpongeBob book For the Love of Bubbles.
  • Who Bob What Pants? is possibly a parody of a Jackie Chan movie called "Who Am I" because the main character in the movie like SpongeBob has a nasty fall and forgets who he is. It could also be a parody of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?".
  • The theme song is changed from "SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song" to "Who Bob What Pants? Theme Song".
  • In German this episode aired July 19, 2009, five days after SpongeBob's Birthday.
  • This is the third episode where SpongeBob develops amnesia or forgets how to do many things. The first was in Pickles, and the second was in Squilliam Returns.
  • This marks the fourth time Sandy cries and sheds tears since Ripped Pants, Texas, and Pre-Hibernation Week (three times).
  • In the scene with Patrick and Sandy at the Krusty Krab telling that SpongeBob is missing, in one shot Sandy's tail is missing.
  • When Perch Perkins first got the black eye, it was on his right eye, but later, when he was doing a news report, it is now on his left eye.
  • The Mayor of New Kelp City looks like the Mayor of Bikini Bottom.
  • If SpongeBob got complete amnesia, forgetting things, like his friends, their names, his look, and even his own name, how could he remember that he liked to blow bubbles and even how to blow them?
  • The population of Bikini Bottom is 538 in this episode, but in Patty Hype, there were more than 46,853 inhabitants.
  • Where did Squidward get that hammer to destroy the Sponge-Tracker?
  • All main characters appear except Plankton.
    • Plankton, however, did appear in the original BBC airing before his scene was cut, in a montage of Bikini Bottomites saying "Idiot Boy!", alongside Larry, Mrs. Puff, and Pearl.
  • At the part where Spongebob and Patrick have the Best Friends tatoo, it randomly says Spring Break under it
  • The name "Idiot Boy" maybe a parody of SpongeBob's original name, SpongeBoy.
  • The name "Idiot Boy" is said 17 times in this episode.
  • The people are waiting for a video game in the store, but when they panic, the store becomes an unknown building.



SpongeBob in the Streets of New Kelp City

WhoBob WhatPants? was viewed by 7.7 million viewers. This ranked the program the number one most viewed entertainment show of the night, and the number two most viewed show in all categories after ESPN Monday Night Football. Despite the high ratings, the episode was reviewed negatively by critics. A ToonZone reviewer said that the episode has one event after another, none of which are that funny. Paul Mavis of said that the DVD is a disappointment, with the episode not funny enough to deserve its own release, and the remaining episodes are nothing special either. The quality of the video and the DVD however was reviewed well.


Episode Transcript: What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?