The Outside of the Toy Barrel

The Toy Barrel is a toy shop that is seen in the episode: Toy Store of Doom. It sells, of course, toys! The Toy Barrel Cashier, Steve works there. SpongeBob, Patrick and mainy other fish went there to buy Toys. SpongeBob and Patrick didn't want to leave when the Toy Barrel closed, so they stayed there the whole night. It has many robotic Toys and Puppet Toys.


The inside looks like a regular toy store. It has rows of shelves with toys in them. SpongeBob and Patrick got locked in the Toy Barrel in Toy Store of Doom. It sells mostly Robotic Toys and Puppets.


The Toy Barrel is a huge barrel with a plaque on it that says "Toy Barrel". At the beggining of the Episode, nearly twenty children are at the front door waiting that it will open.



The Inside of the Toy Barrel

  • It is unknown if the store will ever reappear.