The Inside Job
Episode No.: 129b
Airdate: July 19, 2009
Season: Season 7
Previous Episode: Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy
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"The Inside Job" is an episode from Season 7.





Plankton tries to steal the formula by launching himself into Mr. Krabs' brain but goes into SpongeBob's instead. He goes into the optical system to see how to make Krabby Patties, but SpongeBob can't see and uses inedible things to make it. Plankton sees that as useless so he goes to the audio system. Before that SpongeBob thinks he forgot to make the Krabby Patty so he asks Mr. Krabs how to make one but by the time he gets in front of Mr. Krabs Plankton is already using SpongeBob's eardrums. SpongeBob can't hear Mr. Krabs so Mr. Krabs reapeats himself, yells, then uses a meaphone. Plankton doesn't want to hear that so goes to command central: the brain! When he goes inside, he's basically in SpongeBob's pineapple but spaggeti-ish and pinkish, so he goes into the library. He looks at SpongeBob's secrets and finds that the formula is in the heart. He slides the vertabrae (?) down there and when he sucks information from SpongeBob's heart, he becomes yellow with lime spots, grows buck teeth and eight fingers and somehow, brown pants, black shoes, a red tie, and a white shirt are on him. And then he acts like SpongeBob saying that getting the formula is stealing and Karen somehow brings him home but not before bumping into Patrick. Once accidentally sucking up info from Patrick, he becomes pink, chubby, stubby armed, one-toothed, and wearing the swimming trunks Patrick wears. Once Plankton is back at the Chum Bucket, Karen asks him what the formula is and Plankton is acting like a dolt.


  • The second time Plankton gets inside SpongeBob's head. The first time was in Plankton!.
  • When Plankton was in SpongeBob's brain house, if everything was made of brain, how would his pants be normal, along with the sign telling you where the formula is?
  • In the episode, Plankton slides down SpongeBob's spine. How can SpongeBob have a spine when he's an invertebrate?
  • We see Plankton transform twice in this episode.
  • On one of this episode's airings, this was paired with Tentacle-Vision.
  • The theme song from inside of SpongeBob's brain is from episodes Rock Bottom and Ugh theme song.
  • First Appearance Of 'Kelp Chips'.
  • SpongeBob is yellow! The inside of SpongeBob is orange.


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