Episode No.: 127a
Airdate: July 19, 2009
Season: Season 7
Previous Episode: The Clash of Triton
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"Tentacle-Vision" is an episode from Season 7.





Squidward has waken up to watch his favorite show, but all of the sudden, it's cancled and replaced with a new show called "The Guitar Lord". Now Squidward is upset until he finds out from the host that the channel will accept any TV Show. Then, at the Krusty Krab, Squidward is waiting for the time of his show: 5:00! Now Spongebob thinks Squidward is talking about baskets, so Squidward earplugs SpongeBob with Krabby Pattys and talks to himself. It's now 5:00. Squidward runs out of the door to his house. His new show is called "Squidward Chat". Spongebob is watching TV at his house and finds Squidward on the screen. SpongeBob runs over to Squidward's house and interupts. He talks with Squidward for a bit, and leaves. Squidward tries to continue, but SpongeBob brings Patrick over and says he's on TV. This makes Patrick run to his house and look at the TV. He doesn't see himself. He runs back and asks why SpongeBob lied to him. Squidward tells Patrick that he has to be in front of the camera to be on, so he goes up to the camera and sticks his body parts in the camera. A old woman sees this, and says it is gross. Spongebob and Patrick start to ruin the show, until Mr. Krabs finds out and then he jumps to the screen and advertises the Krusty Krab on Squidward's show. Sandy sees Mr. Krabs dancing, so she jumps in too, and she dances. Pearl thinks she can do better, so jumps to Squidward's show. Then Plankton sees this, and jumps in with his He shoots all over while Sandy and Pearl dance, Mr. Krabs advertises and SpongeBob and Patrick wreck havoc. Larry the Lobster and all the Bikini Bottomiess come in and then that's the end of Squidward Chat. Now they replace it with "Squidward's House Party" and the host isn't Squidward, it's everyone's favorite band fish The Guitar Lord! And best of all, Squidward can't sleep!


  • The Guitar Lord is possibly a reference to Guitar Hero.
  • The old lady from Blackened Sponge is seen again in this episode.
  • The original title is Squid TV, but it was changed to Tentacle-Vision.
  • Squidward's favourite TV Show is Fab and Fancy
  • Fab And Fancy must be a Reference to House Fancy.
  • This is the second time Patrick worked the camera. The first was in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture.
  • At the end you can hear SpongeBob's theme song in the Squidward' House Party by The Guitar Lord.
  • Everybody makes something in the Squidward's House Party by The Guitar Lord:
    • Zeus plays the guitar.
    • SpongeBob plays the keyboard.
    • Patrick plays the drums.
    • Sandy, dances.
    • Pearl, animates.
    • Mr. Krabs, makes publicity for the Krusty Krab.
    • Plankton, probability the special effects.
  • were was larry when the party was going


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