Tea at the Treedome
Episode No.: 1c
Airdate: 1.5.1999
Season: Season 1
Previous Episode: Reef Blower
Next Episode: Bubblestand

"Tea at the Treedome" is an episode from Season 1.





The episode starts out with SpongeBob jellyfishing in Jellyfish Fields. Suddenly, he spots a young girl wrestling with a giant clam. He takes out his field guide book, and identifies her as a 'land squirrel'. SpongeBob thinks she is in trouble, and goes to wrestle the clam himself. The squirrel manages to escape the clam, but SpongeBob ends up inside of it. The squirrel then rescues SpongeBob, and throws the clam out of the area. SpongeBob introduces himself, and the squirrel says that her name is Sandy Cheeks. SpongeBob inquires about the helmet she wears, and Sandy tells him that it's her air helmet. SpongeBob does not know what air is, but does not tell her this, instead saying that he loves air. Sandy, surprised that SpongeBob is fond of air, invites him to her 'Treedome' for "Texas tea" and cookies. SpongeBob quickly runs over to his best friend Patrick Star and tells him everything that happened. Patrick tells him that 'putting on airs' is fancy talk. He then tells SpongeBob if he wants to be fancy, to hold his pinky finger high above him. When SpongeBob arrives at Sandy's Treedome, he goes inside, and notices that the water level drops. He panics, and tells Sandy that there is no water. She tells him that, yes, it is just air. SpongeBob says that there is not any problem and tries hard to breathe. She does not realize that sea creatures need water to survive. Sandy gives him a tour of her treedome, showing him that she has an oak tree, a bird bath, and other things. During this, SpongeBob quickly sneaks over to the bird bath, which is filled with water; he now knows he needs water to breathe properly. SpongeBob gives Sandy some flowers, and she decides to get a vase for them. Meanwhile, Patrick, watching from outside the treedome, tells SpongeBob to keep his pinky finger up. Sandy comes back and puts the flowers in a vase, filled with ice cold water, on the picnic table. SpongeBob tries to resist drinking the water while Sandy goes to get the tea and cookies. SpongeBob eventually gives in, drinks it, and runs for the door, declaring that he is a quitter. Patrick, thinking he is being shy around Sandy, enters the Treedome and tries to convince him to stay. After a moment Patrick realizes that there is no water. The two struggle to get out of the treedome, but are unsuccessful. When Sandy comes back, both Patrick and SpongeBob are dried up on the grass. She helps them by giving them water-filled helmets (which are subsequently used every time they visit Sandy's house except in "Survival of the Idiots", when the air in the Treedome was filled with snow.) In the end, Sandy proposes a toast to new friends, and they drink their tea. SpongeBob and Patrick (humorously) drink by gulping the tea-filled water in their new helmets, with their pinky fingers pointing up.



  • This is the first 11-minute episode.
  • The bowls on SpongeBob’s and Patrick's heads have the opening up, while in all subsequent episodes (except Chimps Ahoy, Squidtastic Voyage,Sandy's Nutmare (Only Patrick) the opening is down.
  • This is the debut appearance of Sandy Cheeks.
  • After Sandy gives SpongeBob and Patrick water helmets, she says, "If ya'll wanted water, you should have asked." Earlier in the episode, SpongeBob did ask for water, but Sandy ignored him to put the flowers he got her in a vase.
  • When Sandy is filling SpongeBob and Patrick's helmets with water, she fills Patrick's first. However, you'll notice that SpongeBob is smiling with relief before Sandy fills his helmet.
  • When SpongeBob says That little squirrel is in trouble, there is only two belt slices on his pants rather than four.
  • In this episode, Sandy's tail is not seen when she puts on her wet suit.
  • This is the first episode to have acorns on the title card; the second time is To Save a Squirrel.
  • This is the first episode in which SpongeBob wears his glasses. The second time is Jellyfishing.
  • Why didn't SpongeBob dry up earlier before Patrick comes in?