No. Titlecard Title Description Screenshot
House Fancy Squidward gets jealous of Squilliam's paradise house and says his house is better then Squilliam's. House
Krabby Road After escaping from Bikini Bottom Jail, Plankton makes up a new plan to get the formula by making up a band! Road
Penny Foolish Mr. Krabs becomes obsessed when SpongeBob found a penny and attempts to steal it. Penny
Nautical Novice SpongeBob memorizes a long book called "The History of All Boating Ever" in a scheme to get his boating license. Novice
Spongicus Plankton tears down the Chum Bucket and builds a coliseum in its place and holds a gladiator show. Spongicus
Suction Cup Symphony Squidward tries to compose a music piece for the Bikini Bottom Orchestra, but keeps getting interrupted by SpongeBob and Patrick. Fish
Not Normal After being told by Squidward that he is not normal, SpongeBob decides to become "Normal".
Gone SpongeBob finds that everyone in Bikini Bottom is gone. Gone
105 The Splinter The Splinter SpongeBob tries to remove a splinter before Mr. Krabs learns about it and sends him home early. Splitter
Slide Whistle Stooges SpongeBob and Patrick get new slide whistles and annoy Squidward with their endless playing, but he soon falls to the charm of the toy and gets one for himself, much to the aggravation of everyone in town. Stooges
A Life in a Day Daredevil Larry the Lobster inspires Patrick to live dangerously, but SpongeBob wants to play safe. Grocery2
Sun Bleached SpongeBob wants to enter a tan party, but with a tan that's not golden he isn't so sure. Block
Giant Squidward Being sprayed by plant fertilizer turns Squidward into a giant who scares the entire town except for SpongeBob. Giant
No Nose Knows Patrick vows to eliminate all the terrible odors when he gets a nose for the first time. Nose
108 Patty Caper When the Krabby Patty special ingredient is stolen, SpongeBob goes on a search for it. Plankton's Regular Plankton is shocked to learn that he actually has a regular customer, Nat, at the Chum Bucket, who loves to eat there. Nat2
109 Boating Buddies While trying to run away from SpongeBob, Squidward gets a speeding ticket and gets sent to Boating School, where SpongeBob is happy to have him as his new friend in class. Squid The Krabby Kronicle Mr. Krabs places SpongeBob in charge for finding interesting stories for The Krabby Kronicle, the Krusty Krab newspaper.
The Slumber Party Pearl's getting ready for her slumber party, but Mr. Krabs' meddling in the party preparations is getting out of control. Mr
Grooming Gary SpongeBob enters Gary into a pet show, but Gary is not too happy about it.
SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy and Squidward get knocked off their Surf boards, so now they must learn how to Surf and get back to Bikini Bottom
112 Porous Pockets When SpongeBob suddenly becomes the richest citizen of Bikini Bottom, he finds himself surrounded by lots of new "friends" who are more than happy to help him spend his money. Choir Boys Squidward tries to avoid SpongeBob while on his way to an audition for the Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus. Boys
Krusty Krushers SpongeBob and Patrick wrestle against two wrestling Champions for Mr. Krabs to get all the Money
The Card The new Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy trading cards are on sale, and SpongeBob is determined to get the super special rare talking card. He is stunned when Patrick immediately finds the card.
Dear Vikings There's a new Viking-themed promotion at the Krusty Krab, so SpongeBob is determined to find out everything there is to know about Vikings. Ditchin' Mermaidman and Barnacleboy are having a book signing, but SpongeBob can't go because he has boating school.
115 Grandpappy the Pirate Mr. Krabs’ granddad is coming to town! But instead of being excited, Mr. Krabs is nervous because his swarthy pirate granddad thinks that Mr. Krabs is a pirate, too. Pirates Cephalopod Lodge When SpongeBob finds out that Squidward is a member of a secret society, SpongeBob decides he wants to join, too! Lodge
Squid's Squid's Visit SpongeBob takes home design cues from Squidward. Vacuum To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants SpongeBob replaces his square pants with round ones and no one can recognize him. SquarePants
117 Shuffleboarding Mermaidman and Barnacleboy are booked to attend a shuffleboarding tournament, but they can’t go because they’re laid up in the hospital. Merm Professor Squidward When Squidward is mistaken for his much more famous rival, Squilliam Fancyson, he is invited to teach a class at the most prestigious music school in Bikini Bottom. Billy2
Pet-or-Pests Pet or Pests SpongeBob adopts a stray worm who gives birth to worm babies overnight. Wormsley2
Komputer-Overload Komputer Overload Plankton tries to replace Karen with some new computer inventions. Billy
Gullible Pants Gullible Pants When SpongeBob takes over the Krusty Krab for a few minutes he wants to work as good and hard as he can. Charge
Overbooked Overbooked Sandy has a presentation, Mr. Krabs wants to build a telescope, and Patrick has a birthday party. Can SpongeBob help them all at once? Booked
Hat No Hat for Pat Mr. Krabs hires Patrick as the restaurant's sign-holder. However, Patrick finds out that this job isn't as easy as it looks. Hat2
ToyStoreofDoom Toy Store of Doom SpongeBob and Patrick are accidentally locked in a toy store after it closes. Chest