Sand Castles in the Sand
Episode No.: 121a
Airdate: March 16, 2009
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Toy Store of Doom
Next Episode: Shell Shocked

"Sand Castles in the Sand" is an episode from Season 6.





SpongeBob goes to the beach with his best friend Patrick. At first, they play a friendly game of "small plastic disk that you throw" (i.e., Frisbee), accidentally destroying the lifeguard tower, Lou's ice cream stand, and upsetting beach goers in the process. They need to find something to do that is less obnoxious: they decide to build sand castles. SpongeBob tries to help Patrick build a sand castle, but he destroys Patrick's castle in the process.Patrick responds by destroying SpongeBob's sand castle.Then there even. SpongeBob makes a dividing line in the sand so that they can each make their own creations without interfering with the other. When Patrick is unable to respect the dividing line,Then they destroy both. then there even again. so now,it's war! SpongeBob and Patrick each build castles, warriors, and weapons out of the sand to attack each other, overdoing it in the process. Things get so dangerous that fellow beach goers flee for their lives. SpongeBob and Patrick eventually hurt each other: both end up with black eyes and other injuries. When they realize that they went overboard, they make up. The citizens of Bikini Bottom are angered and make SpongeBob and Patrick clean up the whole beach.They have lots of work to do.



  • This was the first episode to premiere during Nickelodeon's "The Bob Squad."
  • The robot Patrick made resembled Optimus Prime from "Transformers"
  • At the beginning, when Patrick's house opened, it looked 3-D.
  • The title card is very similar to the one in Rise and Shine.
  • When Patrick hands the money to the architectural designer, it is in super HD.
  • This is the first SpongeBob episode to get a 9.0 or higher on since "Krusty Towers / Mrs. Puff, You're Fired" which first aired almost three years ago.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick got on the bus, they had a very large bag. When they were kicked off, they had no bag.
  • This is the fourteenth time someones skin is ripped off.
  • Some of the Bus scenes are similar to Rock Bottom.
  • The title is a parody of "Castles in the Sky".
  • This is the second time sand comes to life. The first was in Rock Bottom.
  • The cannonball that Patrick fired was a reference to heat-seeking missiles, or in this episode, sand-seeking missiles.
  • Many of SpongeBob's lines during the end of the episode are quotes from classic literature or parodies of such quotes. An example is "all's fair in love and war".
  • The ending "speech" by SpongeBob is considerably anti-war.
  • Sand things can't come to life.
  • Patrick's castle can't have spikes on it. They would fall.
  • A sand castle can't have that many details. Especially SpongeBob's commander.
  • A cannon ball cannot stop, turn around, turn back, or suddenly fly up and turn.
  • Plus, a sand jet can't be powered by rockets or fly in the air. Sand missles can't explode, either.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick get kicked out of the bus, they are clearly not at the beach because you can't see anyone or water. So, later they magically appear at the beach.
  • In one scene SpongeBob's castle had a Thumbprint Identification.
  • 2 games based on the episode can be played at Sand Castle Hassle is based on SpongeBob defeating Patrick's sand minions,and Sand Wars is based on restoring sand domes that Patrick shot at.