Pizza Delivery
Episode No.: 5a
Airdate: 14.8.1999
Season: Season 1
Previous Episode: Boating School
Next Episode: Home Sweet Pineapple

"Pizza Delivery" is an episode from Season 1.




The Krusty Krab makes its very first (and only) pizza delivery. of the Krusty Krab Pizza. Mr. Krabs decides to have Squidward deliver it; Squidward hesitates and asks why SpongeBob cannot just deliver it by himself. Mr. Krabs obviously was not listening clearly and declares "Great idea, take him with ya!", so SpongeBob and Squidward go to deliver a pizza. However, SpongeBob cannot drive and is still in boating school. When he tries to shift into reverse, he and Squidward become stranded in the middle of nowhere (or in a sandy desert.) When SpongeBob is trying to shift into reverse, the Korean words for "go forward" and "go backward" appear in SpongeBob's illusion as he starts to hesitate. SpongeBob suggests to deliver the pizza on foot, and they start walking. SpongeBob starts singing a song about the Krusty Krab Pizza, and how it is the best pizza on the sea floor. Then they get whirled into a tornado, and Squidward tells SpongeBob to let go of the pizza, but the pizza saves their lives when SpongeBob transforms it into a parachute. SpongeBob shows Squidward some pioneer tricks, such as hitchhiking, eating coral, telling where civilization is by looking at what direction moss points, and even driving rocks. The eternally skeptic Squidward does not believe SpongeBob, but has to reconsider when they end up driving the rock all the way to the customer's house. Sadly, their journey did not pay off too well; the customer gets extremely angry that he did not get the soda he says he ordered (which he ordered but at that time,Mr Krabs put the phone down). SpongeBob starts crying (and absorbs his tears). Angered that the customer made SpongeBob cry, Squidward knocks on the door and shoves the pizza in the customer's face. After the confrontation, the two drive back to work, which ironically is only a few feet away, but Squidward is already very worn out from the long pizza delivery.