Pineapple Fever2
Pineapple Fever
Episode No.: 125a
Airdate: June 2, 2009
Season: Season 7
Previous Episode: Truth or Square
Next Episode: Chum Caverns

Pineapple Fever is an episode from Season 7.





SpongeBob and Patrick want to go jellyfishing, but watch the weather report first. They find out a horrible storm is coming, so they board up. Squidward barges in, and gets stuck inside when the storm hits. Then the play tic-tac-toe, and then a jigsaw puzzle, where patrick struggles to put in the last piece. Squidward has had enough, and decides to play boundaries, where he orders SpongeBob and Patrick to not pass the line. Squidward goes inside SpongeBob's bedroom, and finds he is hungry. He accidentaly eats snail food, and tries to get out to the kitchen, where SpongeBob stops him. Then Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick go on a wild chase to get food. Then it quiets down, and Squidward thinks the storm passed over. He opens the door and ends up falling off the house in the sky, becuase a tornado somehow picked up the house.



  • The title is a parody of "Cabin fever".
  • How does Squidward's pockets fit into his body? He also mentions that he needs another pair of pants when he actually doesn't wear one!
  • Patrick was holding his net with his LEFT hand, not his RIGHT. This might show that Patrick is left-handed.
  • When Patrick can't finish the jigsaw puzzle, he turns really old. Impossible. You can't age that fast when you're hesitating.
  • The sixteenth time skin is ripped off of someone.
  • 2nd time Squidward eats Gary's snail food. First was I Was a Teenage Gary.
  • How can a tornado happen underwater? It should've been called a whirlpool!
  • When Patrick tries to get the last jigsaw puzzle piece in, his aging process he says is 30 years per second going for 6 seconds, making him at least 180 years old.
  • The 2nd time SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward acted liked wild animals. First was The Paper (Although that goes for SpongeBob.).
  • It's impossible to play Tic-Tac-Toe with 3 players!
  • When SpongeBob is saying the possibilities the three could do inside, it is similar to Dumped.
  • The fight for the food is similar to the fight for the fire in Ugh!.
  • This is the only time Patrick's double net is seen.