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Patrick's House from a ground perspective

Patrick's house is a large brown rock with an antenna on it. When answering the door Patrick's back is stuck to the rock, while he pops off to go about his day. Like a door, it has hinges where it opens and closes. Early in the series, Patrick had nothing in it except a TV and chair. Later on, he has everything made of sand. Oddly, Patrick is at regular size, with the rock bigger than him, when he is talking to someone that’s outside of his house, while he is inside. However, Patrick's house becomes bigger than him when he's inside and the rock is closed. Unlike Squidward and SpongeBob's respective houses, Patrick's house has never been obliterated. It is also easy for Patrick to pick up or carry the entire rock; indicating that Patrick is either strong or his house is light. It also has a backyard that is rarely shown. The front yard also has a long black path leading to the front of the rock. In the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom his house has a ladder leading to the bottom of the hole and inside there is a record player, a couch and a framed picture of SpongeBob and Patrick and a wall.


Patrick's house has no floor. Instead, it has a bottom floor. Strangely, Patrick's house is the only house in Conch Street to not be destroyed, although there is a giant hole in the rock in the episode Plankton!

  • MAIN ROOM: The room with a green chair (sometimes purple or blue...etc.), a TV (sometimes), and a lamp (always).
  • KITCHEN: This is where Patrick gets food, and talked to SpongeBob about ignorance.
  • TV ROOM: Where Patrick eats meals and watches TV. This room also has a dinner table.
  • BEDROOM: Where Patrick sleeps with pajamas, blankets, bed, and window (Night Light) It also has the Brown Secret Box and his cupboard (probably filled with clean clothes looking exactly the same as Patrick wears everyday). Patrick also has a phone made out of sand. In Procrastination, he has a real phone with push-buttons and is corded. It has a mechanical bell ringer.
  • BATHROOM: Where Patrick brushes his teeth, bathe and does his business.

Patrick's House also does not have an attic, as revealed in the episode: The Donut of Shame.

In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Patrick's house was completely empty. The house only contains one small room. The floor was sand.

Patrick's Morning Routine Schedule[]

This is the morning Routine seen in (Rise and Shine). This does include Patrick's House.

  • Wake Up
  • See where alarm clock noise is coming from.
  • Put food can next to plate on table.
  • Throw food can at alarm clock.
  • Eat Breakfast during TV time.
  • Put on his pants and brush his teeth!
  • Get ready for not much
  • Play with SpongeBob.
  • Sleep

However, this is not always the case, because in That's No Lady, SpongeBob had a different schedule with Patrick.

House Personality[]

In the episode: Home Sweet Pineapple, Patrick revealed that his house is extremely easy to make. He just got a rock and put an arrow on it, but the wooden arrow broke and fell. It is located on 120 Conch Street Bikini Bottom. Patrick's house is usually pinkish brown, or usually most times very brown. Remember, Patrick's not good at making a house, so this is why his house is just a rock, but Patrick did manage to build the rooms and put his stuff in it, that's why he ran out of money. It is revealed that Patrick's parents kicked him out and got rid of him, so he made his own house. Patrick might have made his parents too angry, that they have had enough nonsense with him. Patrick never went back.

In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, it has a cameo appearance, and the rooms are not shown. The house is the main setting first in the episodes: I'm with Stupid, Rise and Shine, and The Donut of Shame.

Patrick says My House is a Stupid Rock in the episode: Stanley S. SquarePants.

Patrick may say that he built the house, but according to the episode, The Card his house is rented because he says,"My landlord changed the lock again."


Patrick has limited food in his house. There were only 7 foods once seen before in Patrick's House:

  • Kelp Food in a Can
  • Krabby Patty
  • Ice Cream Sundae
  • TV Dinner
  • Cereal
  • Food made out of sand
  • Donut from his birthday party

Minor House Problems[]

There can be some problems of living in Patrick's House, and the first one was in Home Sweet Pineapple. Patrick's House's length is not wide enough for two rock mates to share the rock as a blanket, and it can get very cold at the temperatures at nighttime in Bikini Bottom. Also, everything must be made out of sand, or be bought. Also, there are no windows or doors on Patrick's house, Although Patrick knows when he should and should not rise out of his rock.

Destruction and Remodels[]

Patrick's house has been destroyed and remodeled several times.


  • The Gift of Gum: Patrick smashes the rock in order to get Gummy out of his house.
  • Dying for Pie: Patrick's house may be one of the buildings destroyed by the pie.
  • Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm: When the city is crushed by the worm, Patrick's house is crushed. It may have also been consumed by the worm.
  • Plankton! SpongeBob crashes into the rock and winds up carrying Patrick and throws him close by the destroyed rock.


  • Rule of Dumb: Patrick adds a castle tower to the rock. He also adds "royal" wallpaper and furnishings to the inside, as well as a swimming pool in the shape of a starfish. Before he loses his subjects, he has Squidward's house removed so he could build a ferris wheel in its place.
  • Patrick SmartPants: Patrick adds advanced antennas and a "laboratory".
  • Sun Bleached: Patrick and SpongeBob turn it into a tanning bed to get into Craig Mammalton's Party.
  • Big Pink Loser: Patrick colors the rock to look like SpongeBob's house. He may have also furnished the inside with furniture similar to SpongeBob's, but we don't know because the inside is not shown.