Opposite Day
Episode No.: 9b
Airdate: 11.9.1999
Season: Season 1
Previous Episode: Nature Pants
Next Episode: Culture Shock

"Opposite Day" is an episode from Season 1.





Squidward is annoyed by SpongeBob and Patrick, and calls "Bikini Bottom Realty" to arrange for his house to be sold, so that he may move out of Bikini Bottom. He is warned that, if his home is surrounded by bad neighbors, the house may not be sold. Squidward is convinced that SpongeBob and Patrick may ruin his chances of selling his house. Squidward tells SpongeBob that it is "opposite day" - and that everyone must act differently to how they usually act. SpongeBob believes him, and "informs" Patrick, who forces himself to stop breathing, until SpongeBob exclaims, "not that opposite!" SpongeBob demolishes his house, and a shocked Squidward cleans up the debris. SpongeBob, Patrick and Gary then start pretending to be Squidward, as Squidward is acting like SpongeBob, and immediately ruin his chances of getting his house sold. A furious Squidward shows them how much he hates them by attempting to run them over with a bulldozer.


  • The realtor was voiced by Lori Alan, who does the voice of Pearl in the series.
  • Squidward rebuilt the pineapple in this episode. However, in Home Sweet Pineapple, it's a real pineapple.
  • On Airings Late 2008 through 2009, The Nickelodeon bug Disappears when SpongeBob tells Patrick how to become Squidward. Then, when Patrick tells SpongeBob that he doesn't know about being Squidward, the Nick bug appeared solo.
  • Patrick said he looked like Squidward when he had that piece of coral on his nose, yet he did not make his head like Squidward's.
  • This does not take place on October 23rd (Squidward's birthday), because he says that it isn't his birthday.
  • When they are talking backwards SpongeBob speaks gibberish, but when it is reversed it is-.

SpongeBob: Hey Patrick. Patrick: I give up. SpongeBob: To get to the other side. (Both laugh) This is a reference to why did the chicken cross the road, but just out of context.