Nature Pants
Episode No.: 9a
Airdate: 11.9.1999
Season: Season 1
Previous Episode: Squeaky Boots
Next Episode: Opposite Day

"Nature Pants" is an episode from Season 1.





At work, SpongeBob daydreams of living with the jellyfish. He accidentally starts a fire, and a fireman runs in and turns on the hose. SpongeBob is in the way, thus fills up with water and falls on the fire, putting it out. After Mr. Krabs scrapes SpongeBob off the grill, he asks SpongeBob why he was not concentrating, and SpongeBob explains that he wishes to live in the wild. Mr. Krabs thinks he is joking, until SpongeBob walks out. SpongeBob then gives Patrick mayonnaise, old phone books, and his special jellyfishing net, "Ol' Reliable". He even takes off all his clothes. SpongeBob tries to fit in with the jellyfish, but is continuously shocked (literally) by them. Patrick is furious at SpongeBob’s decision and tries to catch him while jellyfishing. Nothing seems to persuade SpongeBob to come home, until he is bitten by poisonous sea urchins (they appear to be the underwater equivalent of mosquitoes). He decides to come back home, and everyone welcomes him back. Then, he puts on his clothes again and everyone hugs him (Squidward is forced to). The bacteria causing the itchiness spreads, and everyone becomes itchy, except for SpongeBob.



  • After SpongeBob leaves, Squidward and Sandy try to guess how much days before he comes back. Sandy guesses a week, but Squidward guesses 11 minutes. This is a reference to approximately how long an average episode is. Squidward would also make a reference to this in the episode Club SpongeBob and a fish would do the same thing in Missing Identity. Despite the fact that Pat No Pay's not 11 minutes long, this happens a fourth time when SpongeBob says, "He [Patrick] needs one [a Krabby Patty], or he'll keep mumbling about it for the next 3 and 1/2 more minutes."
  • When SpongeBob wakes up from his daydream, the grill is shown facing the opposite side of the window. This is the first time it is shown like this. Another episode like this is Your Shoe's Untied.
  • In Nature Pants, SpongeBob throws down his Krusty Krab hat and says Ah, barnacles! and quits his job at the Krusty Krab, but in the episode Squid On Strike, SpongeBob complains that on Squidward's strike, he can't throw the hat down because the hat's his friend.
  • The first episode SpongeBob eats a Krabby Patty. This episode also reveals SpongeBob's favorite food is a Krabby Patty.
  • The same cave SpongeBob gets bitten by sea urchins appears once again in SpongeHenge where SpongeBob builds the SpongeBob Stones.
  • Ol' Reliable was also in the episode The Pink Purloiner.
  • This plot is similar to Tarzan.
  • When SpongeBob has to go to Jellyish Fields, he took his squarepants. The scene appears on Behind the Pantis, the making of Atlantis Squarepantis.
  • If Sandy has an air helmet and suit, she shouldn't have been able to get itchy.
  • In the spanish version Sandy is called "Arenita",but in the part where Patrick and Sandy are eating paties she is called Sandy,though Patrick should have said Arenita.
  • Similar to I Was A Teenage Gary many fans have a negative feeling against this episode and is considered one of the worst Season 1 epsiode if worst as well
  • All of the main characters appear in this episode except for Sheldon J. Plankton