MuscleBob BuffPants
Episode No.: 11a
Airdate: 25.9.1999
Season: Season 1
Previous Episode: F.U.N.
Next Episode: Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost

"MuscleBob BuffPants" is an episode from Season 1.





SpongeBob realizes that he is not very strong, and Sandy puts him an intense training regimen to help him become more muscular. SpongeBob cannot complete any of the exercises, however, so he gives up and runs back home in pain. Later that day, he sees an advertisement for inflatable biceps called Anchor Arms. He orders a set, puts them on and goes to Goo Lagoon. He then begins showing them off around Bikini Bottom, gaining many followers in the process. Sandy, seeing his new "muscles", decides that he should test them out in the upcoming anchor toss competition. SpongeBob tries to stop her from entering his name, but SpongeBob did not get there in time, Sandy had just entered his name. When it is SpongeBob's turn during the anchor toss, he over strains the Anchor Arms, causing the air inside them to randomly move to other parts of his body. Eventually, the Anchor Arms explode, and SpongeBob is disqualified. A disappointed Sandy decides to put him on a new, simpler training regimen in which SpongeBob must repeatedly press buttons on a remote control. Even this, apparently, is difficult for him.


  • Running Gag: Every time SpongeBob attempts one of Sandy's exercises, his arms fall off.
  • When SpongeBob hit the pole after Sandy finished entering SpongeBob into the anchor-tossing competition, he was wearing his pants. After that, he was back in his speedo.
  • How can SpongeBob's arm change into the phone cord that quickly? Impossible.